What better place to enjoy Nature’s ‘bounty’ than Rangiroa in the Pacific – courtesy of the Pension Bounty!

The Pension Bounty is a wonderfully homely Rangiroa lodge set in the beautiful surroundings of one of the largest atolls in the world. This South Seas paradise is home to an abundance of wildlife. Although one’s gaze is naturally drawn to the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, the island’s lush tropical vegetation (which boasts some of the most stunning shrubs and flowers to be found anywhere in the region, such as the Tiaré and the Frangipani) is home to many species of birds. Many people come to try out the diving in Rangiroa atoll and its surrounding waters. The atoll is very well provided for both in terms of dive schools and instructors and suitable dive spots. Beginners are very welcome, while experienced divers will also find plenty to keep them happy. Many types of shark, manta rays and hundreds of fish species may be seen in the area. If you’re prepared to travel further afield, to the Austral Islands, you could spot humpback whales with a little luck! The Pension will be happy to recommend Rangiroa tours tailored to your particular interests. You might like to visit one of the local villages, or watch the sunset over the sea at a local beauty spot!