Brace yourself for the arrival of the next generation of flipbooks!

The next generation of flipbook has arrived, thanks to companies like Webpublication. With new features galore, it’s definitely been worth the wait! What stands out about the latest manifestation of this piece of technology is the way in which it dovetails perfectly with the other must-have technologies of our time, such as the iPhone and iPad. That’s because this package has been designed above all for versatility. If you want to take your finished content and embed it onto your website, that’s not a problem. Share it on social networking sites? Easy. Store it on DVD and USB stick? Naturally. Send it by email? Why not. It’s also easier than ever before to create your own content, be it in the shape of an online brochure, a catalogue or a magazine. This package requires absolutely no specialist training to use and you can start producing content in a matter of minutes. You can now make sure that you really capture – and hold – the attention of your target audience, whoever they may be. A truly interactive pdf, for example, with flash animations, video and sound will be a great way of getting your message across in a way that’s entertaining and informative.