Discover the wonderful sport of snooker!

Where better to find out more about the game of snooker than from one of the longest-running players in the industry – no, not Jimmy White or Steve Davis, but Riley snooker. The Riley website is a veritable treasure trove of information about the game and its origins and sells both tables and cues for a range of cue sports. Its biggest selection, naturally enough, is of snooker tables, of which it has everything from smaller 8 feet-long models to the granddaddy of them all, the Riley Aristocrat Tournament Champion. This table has played a starring role in many ranking competitions, including the world championships.  You can even buy an ex-tournament table, used by some of the finest players on the planet! Whether your table already has a rich history behind it or is fresh off the production line, you’ll be reassured to know that a huge amount of experience, craftsmanship and some very high-quality materials indeed have gone into it. The slate for the playfield is sourced from Italian quarries – renowned for the quality of their stone – and laser cut for total precision, while the cloth is napped to the finest finish and the pocket leathers are made from English pig hide.