Treating allergies – one step forward, two steps back? Not if DBV-Technologies has anything to do about it!

Although the 20th century saw tremendous advances in medical science and many breakthroughs in the treatment of conditions that had previously been killers, one of the major setbacks in this field was the exponential growth in the number of people affected by allergies. The DBV-Technologies internet site has some striking statistics about this phenomenon. Up to 500 million people worldwide are affected by food allergies, the most common of which include peanuts, egg, seafood, certain types of fish and cow’s milk.  will give you an idea of the kind of solutions currently under development, which specifically target certain allergies, notably peanut, cow’s milk and dust mite allergies. Taken together, these impact on the lives of a large proportion of our fellow-citizens. Perhaps the most worrying of all allergies is the peanut allergy, both because of the very violent allergic reactions it can provoke and because peanuts are contained in many types of processed food. Up to 200 people die in the United States each year because of anaphylactic shock caused by ingesting peanuts and over one hundred thousand have to receive emergency treatment. To find out more about the Viaskin® peanut patch that’s currently being tested, just consult this page.