DBV-Technologies and its revolutionary epicutaneous allergy treatment


DBV-Technologies, (www.dbv-technologies.com/en) has harnessed some pretty impressive technology in order to start turning its anti-allergy patch solution into a reality.


Source: http://www.dbv-technologies.com

Building a patch industrial machine manufacturing capability was crucial, and the firm, based in the Paris area, has been working over the last few years to create the manufacturing machinery to produce large numbers of its Viaskin patches for large-scale clinical trials. The plan is to create larger versions of this plant in order to possess a commercial-scale manufacturing capacity for the Viaskin egg, cow’s milk and peanut patches.

These patches work by delivering allergens into the patient’s body through the skin (rather than directly into the bloodstream, which is much more risky). Once they have penetrated the epidermis, they target the Langerhans cells shown below. Since these cells are amongst the most tolerogenic in the entire human body, they make an excellent choice of end destination. The patch boasts other advantages. It is highly versatile and could in theory be developed in many different versions. It is also pain-free to apply, which means that it is excellent for use with children and babies.