Beating tough times with CRM On Demand.

Times aren’t getting any easier as far as the world economy is concerned, which is why we could all do with some extra assistance. With a little help from CRM on demand wizardry from the InFact Group, buck the trend and get your company on the fast-track to recovery. The InFact Group offers a comprehensive choice of solutions that will make using your standard CRM On Demand applications even easier.
In addition, anyone interested in exploring ways of extending CRM functionality to the mobile environment should take a look at the solutions on offer here. Products cover visual mapping, email integration, smartphone calendar sync and more. It goes without saying that whilst technology plays a key part in effective CRM, we mustn’t neglect the importance of on-the-ground expertise. The InFact Group’s know-how in specialist Oracle CRM Consulting could make a real difference to your bottom line. Over ten years’ experience working with Siebel CRM, top-class BI expertise and real operational flexibility are assets that can’t be ignored.
Another of the Group’s specializations is Oracle Fusion CRM. This solution offers a raft of advanced options along the lines of advanced sales planning and performance management. With the InFact Group, you can be sure of seamless upgrades and rapid deployment when it comes to Oracle Fusion CRM.