Jazz up tired old documents in no time at all!

If you’re struggling to find ways of making your company collateral or even your personal documents that bit more arresting, there’s no need to despair! Plenty of specialist software is available these days that can turn even the dreariest document into something quite inspiring. The flipbook creator, for example, could be just what you need – it can create captivating interactive catalogues, stunning magazine visuals and more at the drop of a hat! Let’s imagine you need to vamp up your company’s online brochure. Rich media was just made for this kind of publication, being the ideal way for you to put you or your company’s best foot forward by means of video, sound, flash animation and hypertext links. If you’d like to see how it’s done, there’s no shortage of completed e-brochure examples about. One technological myth that’s worth exploding concerns the size of the images used in your online brochure. Many people think that stringent restrictions on the size and number of images you’re allowed to include in your publication make e-brochures a less attractive proposition. In reality, with the best software, this is no longer an issue, as there will be no limitations on the images you’re allowed!