Snooker – the game that you can eat your dinner off!

They say that some people will go to any lengths to snatch a little extra time at their favourite sport. Maybe that’s what the inventor of the snooker dining table had in mind when they developed a twin-purpose table that was equally useful for sinking the black or grabbing a quick meal. However, given that the modern game of snooker was invented in British Army officers’ mess-rooms in India back in the 1870s, perhaps it was natural for the link between the game and eating to be made in this way.

Snooker was of course simply another variant amongst many of the long-established game of billiards, although it has now superseded its older cousins in terms of popularity and global exposure. However, you can still find a good billiard table for sale, or for that matter, American pool or even Russian Pyramid tables if you look hard enough. Companies like Riley have been making cue sports equipment for many years and they really can claim to be at the ‘top of their game’, having made tables for top-level tournaments for decades – not surprising, given the obvious care and attention lavished on each table at every stage of the manufacturing process.